The Richland Astronomical Society - Benefits of Membership

Perhaps you'd be interested in knowing exactly why you should join? There's lots of reasons besides just our great company!

RAS Membership Benefits

Club Equipment...

If you aren't familiar with some of the things mentioned above, let me take a few minutes to introduce you to some of the wonderful equipment and opportunities that await you!

Coronado Personal Solar Telescope: If you've never had an opportunity to work with a solar telescope, now is your chance. Not only does the club have white light solar filters to fit some of our telescopes, but we also have this dedicated h-alpha solar telescope and we are very happy to show you how to use it. Our Sun is a living star and it is very exciting to watch prominences and loops appear and well as living tounges of flame as our Sun shoots off solar flares. It's a wonderful experience and we'd love to share!

Cemax Eyepieces: Along with this is a speciality eyepiece called the Cemax series that allows for an even more detailed look than you could ever dream possible. The Cemax series won't work for astronomical observing, but there are two cases filled with Club eyepieces to help you decide what type of eyepiece that you would like to purchase for your telescope - or to use while you are here.

Discovery Telescope: Perhaps you don't have a telescope of your own? This Discovery Dobsonian is very easy to use and it's just waiting on you to drive. It's as easy as point and shoot and all of our Club members are very happy to show you how to use it. Just ask! It's all part of being here and just one of many telescopes that are the benefit of being a member of the Richland Astronomical Society.

Meade LightBridge: Have you ever wanted to use a really, really BIG telescope, but you're not ready to graduate to the 31" just yet? Then when not step up and cut your baby teeth on this telescope? Able to be used with or without the computer guidance system, this is also an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn telescope that's available to our members. It's all about having fun and learning and we want you to take a journey to the stars!

Maybe just sitting at the picnic table and stargazing with binoculars is more your speed? That's great! We've got equipment for that, too. As a matter of a fact, we've got three pairs of binoculars meant just for club use and they are there for you whenever you want. All you have to do is ask!

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