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Iím a more or less otherwise normal guy who decided to finally pursue astronomy,  So much so that I jumped in by building my telescope.  Upon completion, I joined the Richland Astronomical Society to learn and grow with my hobby.  My mentors have been nothing but patient with my questions and sometimes funny ideas. 
Iím not an expert and I donít claim to be an expert.  My observations sometimes resemble the classical way of notation, sometimes not.  They are for my amusement and I have kept them short and sweetóK.I.S.S, Keep It Simple Stupid.
At any rate, they have enabled me to claim a Messier certificate and Globular Cluster certificate from the Astronomical League.  Current projects include, the Urban List, Binocular Messier List, Binocular DSO List and Herschel 400.  Now after you see the toy that I have at my disposal courtesy of the Richland Astronomical Society, youíll think that Iíve lost my marbles observing with binoculars.  But binoculars are fun and the 12x50ís that I use are quite satisfactory and enjoyable to use.

Text Box: This is ďBig BlueĒ and itís located at the Warren Rupp Observatory and maintained by the Richland Astronomical Society.  Itís a 31Ē f/7.  The views from this telescope are absolutely incredible.  NGCís, ICís, PGCís, UGCís, MACís and ARPís are all possible with this instrument up to around 17th magnitude.  Hereís a link to the website.  You can take the ďTourĒ for more details.  W.R.O.

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